What is Reyn Spooner? 

Reyn Spooner is a pioneer of Hawaiian shirts and is still loved around the world as a leading Hawaiian brand after nearly 60 years. 
The history of Reyn Spooner begins in 1956 when Reyn McCullough, the founder of a successful men's clothing store in California and Hawaii, met Ruth Spooner, who was selling custom-made surf trunks at Waikiki Beach on Oahu at the time. 
After that, the two men teamed, Reyn Spooner was born and opened at AlaMoana Shopping Center in 1962. 
The major features of Reyn Spooner are the 2,000 kinds of print patterns that have been created since the company was founded, and the original blended material of 55% cotton and 45% polyester “Spooner Kloth” devised by the founder. 
It has become a status brand for Hawaiian shirts in an innovative way, with the print turned inside out to give it a rugged texture. With a formal style reminiscent of the Ivy style, even after 60 years, we are still constantly incorporating new designs while manufacturing with the pride of HAWAIIAN TRADITIONALS. 
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Reyn Spooner and SDGs

The Reyn Spooner yukata hanger is an environmentally friendly
straw hanger (paper hanger with obi).
Currently, environmental pollution caused by plastics is widespread, and marine pollution is a major problem.
In that sense, the Reyn Spooner yukata hanger uses an environmentally friendly paper hanger. We will donate a few yen to JAMS for each hanger to support marine garbage collection activities.

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Reyn Spooner Press Information

This time, we cooperated with the costumes of a vocal group「Shun-Ka-Shu-To」,members belonging to Dreamusic Inc. with Reyn Spoonere yukata.  Handsome Vocal Group 「Shun-Ka-Shu-To」Second Single (Released on July 15, 2020) "LOVE STORY on Page 1 ~ Summer Love ~" ( Dreamusic ) TYPE B Edition Jacket / Music Video 「Shun-Ka-Shu-To」(The group name means “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter”)







「Shun-Ka-Shu-To」(The group name means “Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter”)
TAKUYA, who was a solo artist as a prince of Shin-Okubo, and SHOJI, a member of TRUMP, met at an event and met each other for the first time to form a vocal group "Shun-Ka-Shu-To" in July of the same year.
After that, MASSE, who had been traveling around the country as a singer songwriter, joined the group.
In September of the same year, a member audition was held at "DAM ★ TOMO" with the cooperation of Daiichi Kosho, and it was decided to join the KEIGO group from a large number of applications.
On December 1st of the same year, new members MASSE and KEIGO were announced to join the group. "Shun-Ka-Shu-To" have started.
Made a major debut on March 25, 2014 with "Start Line-Spring Sky-".
"Shun-Ka-Shu-To" are named with the meaning of "a group that sings colorful songs like the four seasons and gathers colorful characters."
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