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A company that aims to contribute to society by creating a new era of culture 
while inheriting the traditional culture of kimono.

「Create a feeling of atmosphere where you can enjoy kimono 」


MARCH 2020
To satisfy "peace of mind" needs against viruses, we launched the Amabie Project.
We are planning to develop the industry's first products related to SDGs. 
MAY 2020
Release of Japanese pattern masks made by Kyoto craftsmen. 
TAKEMURA Inc. HP has been renewed.
As the first Amabie Project, Takemura Co., Ltd. dry cleaned and applied anti-virus processing about 2100 elementary school’s uniform with free of charge as a trial for 7 elementary schools of Ukiha city, Fukuoka.
On May 21, a review committee (3rd meeting) was held by experts, and on May 22, the following day, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that the solvent surfactant used in Amabie anti-virus processing, was judged as one of the effective surfactants for the new coronavirus.
JUNE 2020
On June 2020, collaborated with Reyn Spooner, which is one of traditional Hawaiian shirts brand, we releases the kimono industry's first Reyn Spooner fabric yukata. 
Amabie anti-virus processing is applied to the yukata of Reyn Spooner.
Ukiha cleaned the blankets in the emergency shelter stocks in the city without charge for the Amabie anti-virus processing as the Amabie Project .
JULY 2020
Reyn Spooner Yukata is released at pop-up stores in Tokyo and Nagoya.

Takemura ,Inc. will be a wholesaler and maker of kimono related products and Japan-made bags, purses, stationaries and other products.

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